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alleviates fear, builds confidence and stimulates informed thinking and decision making for a positive birth experience one labor at a time.

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Cut Your Labor
in Half!

Cut Your Labor In Half

In Kindle or paperback…

Cut Your Labor in Half!
Secrets for a Faster & Easier Birth
is a classroom course in a book;
a ‘cheat sheet’ of ideas for understanding
how the reader’s choices may impact
other aspects of birth and early motherhood.
This book will appeal to the new
millennial generation of pregnant women,
birth partners and supporters,
childbirth educators
and professional healthcare workers
who are short on time and
want to see immediate results.

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I guess the homebirth and the willow tree - with the midwife and the doula - did just fine. Still, sounds like some good is coming out of the ACOG summit in Nashville: Dr Hollier said: 'We need to be taking more care, we need to be saying, to every mom, every time, "look, I'm listening, I hear you."'

Steven Calvin, MD, an obstetrician who has keenly analyzed the European system for years, is leading the charge, quitting his job at a top hospital in Minneapolis to set up a handful of birth centers for low-risk women who do not need all the bells and whistles of hospital care.

'Most women don't need all that,' Dr Calvin, who presented his model for birthing centers at the ACOG meeting on Saturday, told DailyMail.com. 'We need to give women a bundle, options of care that fit them, rather than just focused on getting the baby out.'

Meghan Markle sparks debate at global obstetrics summit
EXCLUSIVE: Black women are five times more likely to die in childbirth in the UK, and three times more likely in the US. Some top doctors laughed at Meghan's birth plan but some praised her.
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